Your dream bicycle starts with a conversation to discuss your requirements.

Mobile 07885 458627

Email info@mossbikes.co.uk

All Moss frames and bicycles are custom – built to your specifications and made to measure. Please contact us for any kind of build – touring, mountain, road or otherwise.


All our frames are painted by us taking the same care as we do constructing them. In this way we can maintain the level of quality we desire. The frame is sealed with epoxy primer and finished with highest quality base coat and lacquer. We do not powder coat our frames. All lettering and details are painted and masked by hand.


  • After we have discussed your frame and agreed on the details we ask that you pay a non-refundable  deposit to hold your place in the queue.
  • Once we our ready to begin your frame we’ll contact you and confirm final plans. At that point an additional payment will be due before we begin work on your frame.
    Some tubesets may require a larger deposit due to the cost of the materials, but we will confirm all this with you.
  • Once the frame/bike is complete and painted the balance will be due before shipping.

To find out more or to order a new frame or bike please contact info@mossbikes.co.uk