Moss Bikes

It is well written and understood that cycling changes lives. We have seen this happen post the 2012 London Olympic games and anyone who rides a bicycle regularly will have experienced the health benefits. The more often I ride the more obvious it seems to me that the bicycle has a much bigger role to play in transporting people for regular small journeys as well as fitness. Can the humble bicycle also take the lead in improving the UK’s manufacturing output? So many of today’s bicycle parts are made abroad, many of these parts are very good quality. Yet some of the finest bicycle parts, engineering, design and manufacture is British.

The aim of Moss Bikes is to design and manufacture the best British bicycles. Not bicycles that look British and are designed in the UK but made abroad. l make frames and build bikes using as many British made parts as possible.

A good Bicycle should be adaptable and fit a range of purposes. Moss builds a bike that can take you to work and back, carry shopping in the day, go off-road with the kids in the evening and complete a sportive aiming for your personal best at the weekend. The MOSS Davies frame is a good example of this.

I have a background in teaching Design and Technology. I have taught manufacturing skills for many years and also have an extensive portfolio of product design and engineering projects including packaging designs for Fenwick’s bicycle cleaning products. Another successful British company. I built my first bikes for other people as a young teenager. I made my first frame when I was 14.

Many say the heart of a good bicycle is it’s frame. All Moss frames are handmade and individual to your requirements. Moss frames are built to last using traditional joining techniques. They are fully Guaranteed.

Andrew Martin Jones

Design Engineer, Teacher, 29er rider, adventure junkie, velodrome track racer.

Riding bikes is fun.