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Frequently Asked Questions About Moss Bikes Bespoke Handmade Bicycles  

What is the current lead-time for a custom Moss frame?

The lead time is updated here at the beginning of every month. The current lead time (September 2023) is 16 weeks from cleared payment.

How do we gather your custom measurements?

We design our bikes frames using CAD based on your anthropometric data. We ask you to take a few basic measurements for us. Download the form here and email it back to begin the design process.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. All delivery and customs charges including taxes and duties in the country where the frame/bike is being shipped will be paid for by the customer. Please check for yourself the custom charges for your country. We can provide a quote for shipping costs.

Do you accept returns?

We cannot except returns for anything that is custom made due to the nature of the process and the product being unique for you. We will however endeavour to make sure you are completely satisfied with your dream bike. Moss Bikes are guaranteed against any issues arising due poor craftsmanship of the product. This does not include miss-use or poor maintenance.

What materials do we use in the making of our frames? 

We use predominantly Reynolds performance steel and stainless steel tubing. We select from the iconic tube sets including 953, 931, 853, 725, 631 and 525 (531 equivalent). Other tube sets are available from makes including  Columbus and Dedacciai upon request.

What construction methods do we use to make our frames?

Moss frames are joined using traditional lugs or fillet brazed joints using silver or silver alloy designed for fillets. Silver is not the cheapest option but a better choice for lower temperature joints with less distortion.

Can you make me a gravel bike with 50mm tyre clearance?

Yes of course. Go to the Gravel Bike configurator to select the custom options to suit you. 

Do you make e-bikes? 

Yes we do. Please enquire via phone or email for custom E-bike builds

Do you offer staged payments?

Due to supply chain issues linked to Brexit and the on-going pandemic we will require full payment up front to give us the buying power and best opportunity  to select the closet material and component options based on your specification. If you do require staged payments please talk to us and we can come up with quote. 

Can I chat with you and order over the phone or via email?

Of course. That said, based on 10 years experience selling custom frames we have developed a website that will hopefully answer many of the questions you may have and offer a configuration solution to quickly give you an idea of options and price.

Can you build me a complete bicycle not just a frame? 

Yes very much so. 70% of our projects are complete builds selecting the very best components from Hope, Middleburn, Rideworks, Paul Components, Phil Wood, Brooks England, Campangolo and Shimano. Configure and order your frame online. Select the key components for your build from our online shop or chat to us directly for your specific requirements.

Could you build me a cargo bike?

We would love to build you a custom Cargo bike. Lets talk about the design options and possible e-bike configurations.

What colours options are there available for my frame?

Traditionally our frames are painted using two colours of your choice from the RAL palette. One for the main frame colour and the second for the Moss graphics, logo and name (you get to name your bike!). Ultimately you can have as many colours as you like, please chat with us for a quote for a full custom colour scheme. 


We also offer full frame restoration matching original colours, supplying new decals or making decals if they are no longer available. 

How are the frames painted?

Our frames all painted in house using our own specifically designed spray booth. 


  1. Following the final finishing of the frame, the bare metal surface is prepared using two coats of 2K epoxy etch primer.

  2. The first base colour is applied using stencils where necessary  for graphics and colour effects

  3. The second base colour is applied over the first.

  4. Stencils are carefully removed and  the the frame is finished in 3 coats of gleaming 2K clear lacquer over the base coat colours.


Solid, pearl, and metallic finishes are available. 

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