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1.5 Step Down Headset - Low Stack

1.5 Step Down Headset - Low Stack


  • Full stainless steel bearings (replacable)
  •  Split crown race
  • Common parts throughout the range
  • All parts available as spares and fully rebuildable 
  • Steel head doc bolt on the 1.5" step down
  • Total stack height: 13mm 
  • To run alongside the conventional 1 1/8 threadless headset
  • The bearings themselves are STAINLESS STEEL and are replaceable
  • The cups, taper ring and crown race (which is now split for easy installation and removal) are all machined aluminium 
  • Sealing is achieved through an adjustable taper ring cover and integrated rubber seal
  • The bearings also incorporate their own sealing and being made from stainless steel resist corrosion and its by-products much better than a conventional steel bearing
  • An aftermarket crown race is also available which has 3mm of extra height built into it, which again can be used to help with clearance
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