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Welcome to Moss Bikes. A unique centre for the authentic process of handmade bespoke bicycles. With 10 years of experience, multiple awards and a place in the Guinness Book of Records,  your dream bicycle starts here.

At the the heart of the creative process of making a Moss Bike are the people who ride our bikes, the purpose for the machine and the places we desire to discover.  When making custom bicycles, Gravel, Adventure and Road are just labels. In reality you can have a combination or part of all three or something completely unique. But these labels are good starting points for discussion and help develop a specification for the bike


How would you like to travel?






Choosing a different path 

Let’s design your dream Gravel Bike together. 


Gravel - So you need a fun fast bike to take you away from the roads into spaces new?  A longer wheelbase, slacker frame angles and room for fatter tyres. You are in the right place.

Pack up and go 

Let’s design your dream Adventure  Bike together. 


Adventure - So you need a mile munching, comfortable bike for multiple days in the saddle capable of carrying everything you need.  A perfect mix of confidence building geometry, tough construction with a high cruising speed when required.  You are in the right place.

Stay in the fast lane

Let’s design your dream Road  Bike together. 


Road - So Road is your thing? Which Road? The Grand Tour, out with friends ,weekend race or maybe the commute. Time trials to coffee shop miles we’ve got this. Sharper geometry, quick in the turns, aero efficiency and mountain goat dependability, you’re in the right place. 

The Journey 

Where does the Journey start? check out the path below from start to finish to design and make your ultimate bicycle. See this as a linear process or jump in at any point. We offer every stage as unique opportunity, you may have a frame that needs repair, alteration or upgrades? You may need a classic frame restoring? Upgrade your own bicycle from our selection of carefully curated highest quality components.


From start to finish you are crucial to the outcome. Our favourite part of bicycle making is meeting the person who is going to ride our next creation. The process starts with a conversation to meet you, find out more about you, where you ride and what you want to use the bicycle for? Measurements are requested and the design process begins. Specialist CAD software is used to develop the design considering all aspects of function and aesthetics. Your bespoke bicycle begins to take shape.



From the Bespoke CAD model dimensions are taken. Each tube of your bicycle is individually selected for material, diameter and wall thickness to suit you and your purpose for riding. We offer both lugged and lugless construction for our frames. Every frame we make is lovingly handmade in or workshop in Cheshire. Many hours are spent cutting and shaping the tubes and preparing the carefully selected dropouts, bottom bracket shell, head tube and fittings before everything unites in the Jig. At this point the frame is tacked then removed from the Jig, alignment checked before the frame is completely joined.  



Every frame that enters our booth is first meticulously prepared. Fillets are smoothed down and tubing lightly sanded to allow a key for the first of two coats of 2K Epoxy primer. Design elements are masked with the base coats of colour carefully applied. Only when we are completely satisfied the colour work is as it should be we then apply the final top coat with two layers of 2K clear Lacquer. All paintwork is completed in-house to our own exacting standards. 



To complete your dream bicycle build select from our extensive collection of highest quality bicycle components. Each item is carefully selected for it's engineering pedigree and matching aesthetics to complement your new MOSS Bike. Browse our store here.



Wybunbury, Nantwich, Cheshire



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